Artist Trading Cards

What a wonderful weekend at The Barnard House in Emlenton! A weekend with friends catching up, the most comfortable bed and  yummy breakfasts.  Had time to create a few Artist Trading Cards. 🙂  For those of you who don’t know: Artist Trading Cards (or ATCs) are miniature works of art about the same size as modern trading cards, baseball cards, or 2 1⁄2 by 3 1⁄2 inches (64 mm × 89 mm), small enough to fit inside standard card-collector pockets, sleeves or sheets. It is super FUN to trade with people around the world.
Curious on how to trade? Reach out by sending me a PM, I would be glad to help you get started and/or even trade with YOU.  2017 is the year for Balance and lots of weekend getaways!

Holiday Coloring

I hope your Holiday’s were magical and filled with lots of color.   Here is another page out of my Cool to Color, Whimsical Fantasy, A Magical Journey book.

The page looked great under my Charlie Brown Christmas Tree.  “I never thought it was such a bad little tree.  It’s not bad at all, really.   Maybe it just needs a little love.” [Lucy Van Pelt, A Charlie Brown Christmas]

Happy New Year 2017!!!

Cool to Color Butterflies

A page out of my Cool to Color, Whimsical Fantasy, A Magical Journey book.  Cool to Color is a coloring pad with 36 perforated pages, 8 artist quality gel pens, premium paper, printed on one side. The pages are 12 x 12 with an amazing black background.

“The Wings of Transformation are born of patience and struggle.”  [Janet S. Dickens]